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If I offered to help you become wealthy, and retire sooner and richer; without any get-rich-quick scams, or risky investments AND it only took a few hours a year to manage... would you take me up on that offer?

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It doesn't need to be complicated

The financial service industry wants you to be terrified of your own money. But when you break it down, managing and investing your own money isn't that complicated. 

I can show you how to manage and invest your money so it grows enough for you to live off. 

I know because I've done it myself. 

Imagine being able to do whatever you want, whenever you want, wherever you want. 

That's the power financial freedom can give you.  


Do you want control over your most precious resource, time?


Want the freedom to do what you like with your day? Passion projects, hobbies, family.


Want to know exactly what your investment plan is, why, and what to expect?

Confidently Manage Your Money

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Let me tell you a story...

I started my real investing journey when I was 20 (because I'm a nerd), and it took 12 years of luck, working hard and smart, and sticking to a plan before I was able to choose whether or not I worked ever again. 

I reckon if I had to do it again, I could probably achieve the same in 5-7 years. 

I wasn't "rich" in terms of net worth, but I could generate enough income from my investments to sustain my life. 

I had exactly what everyone should be striving for. Enough. 

It's allowed me to do things like:

  • Take a year off to travel around SE Asia
  • Train 3 times a day in Thailand (the Soi in Chalong for those in the know)
  • Spend far too much time each day falling into YouTube rabbit holes
  • Train full-time for the Commonwealth Games (injury ruined that)
  • Create a business that I love, working with people I care about


You work hard and smart. You're not stupid with your money. You've achieved a level of success a lot of people would love to achieve. 

So why are you worrying about your finances?

  • Guilt over not doing more with the money you have?
  • Fear you haven't saved enough for the future?
  • Worried you aren't setting your kids up for life?
  • Terrified of having to work for the rest of your life?

These are all normal concerns, and we can fix every one of them. 


Take my client Steve (made-up name) for example. He was doing very well but hadn't paid much attention to his long-term future, and was starting to worry he'd somehow wasted all his money. He had a lovely family, nice house, nice car, but not much in his ISA or pension pot.

We were able to put together a plan that allowed him to save for Future him, so he could retire on his terms before he was 55. We set up an investment plan for his kids so they could buy their own home far earlier than he could. We created an investment strategy so he knew exactly what he was doing with the money that came in. 

Steve became confident he could hit his financial goals, and is capable of keeping himself on track for the next decade of investing. 

Investing is simple.

It's not easy, but it is simple. 

Spend less than you earn.

Invest the surplus.



Master your finances for lasting success

It doesn't matter if you hate numbers, or the idea of investing is completely new to you. I'm going to show you a step-by-step system that will allow you to increase your surplus income each month, invest that surplus, and eventually be able to live off your investments. 

You don't have to become a day trader or a crypto fanatic. You don't have to spend your time dealing with tenants or staring at charts all day. All you need to do is follow a system that works for you. 

When I first started, I went in for all the 'get-rich-quick' schemes. 

Forex trading, day trading, property seminars, investment training... it was all rubbish. 

What I learned along the way is a system that has stood the test of time. The 80:20 principle is true with investing. You can get 80% of the results with only 20% of the effort if you apply that effort intelligently. 

My goal is to share the benefit of my two decades' worth of investing experience, so you can shortcut your success. 

I don't care what you invest in. Property, shares, gold, crypto, businesses, cars, wine... What matters is having a strategy in place that results in you achieving your financial goals. 

That's what we'll build together. Your very own, bespoke investment strategy, targeting your specific financial goal. 

What does this look like?

In practical terms, you can choose between 12 weeks or 12 months worth of support. 

We'll meet virtually for 90-120 minutes. You'll get a recording of the meeting, some notes, and (unfortunately) some homework to do before our next session. 

With the 12-week Boot Camp, we will quickly figure out what your goals are, and what strategy is going to work for you. We'll start implementing that strategy so you can continue to manage your finances for the rest of your life. 

With the 12-Month Deep Dive, we go into much more detail. Walking through step-by-step the process of investing, selecting the right investments, and buying them on your platform of choice. 

The outcome of both is that you'll gain the confidence to take full control over your financial future. 

The Most Important Part

You must leave this page understanding one thing. 

You can absolutely manage your finances and investments, and achieve results comparable to and better than the professionals, all with minimal time and effort. 

  • You don't need to be rich already
  • You don't need to be a genius
  • You don't need to gamble on high-risk investments

You just need to take consistent actions over time that will inevitably lead you to becoming wealthy. 

The crucial thing is that you MUST START SOON!

12-Week Boot Camp

  • Take control of your finances
  • Get started investing for your future
  • Create an investment plan
  • Build an asset allocation model
  • 6 x 90-minute calls
  • Unlimited access throughout

12-Month Deep Dive

  • Everything from Boot Camp PLUS
  • Create a short, medium and long-term investment strategy
  • Walkthrough the investing platforms together
  • Get comfortable managing your investments
  • 12 x 90-minute calls (used when it suits you)
  • Unlimited access throughout
  • Emergency calls as required

Here's why you should sign up now

The best time to start investing was 20 years ago, the second best time to start investing is today!

The next 12-18 months are going to be huge in terms of investment returns. Some major macroeconomic events are happening that are once-in-a-decade occurrences. 

Over the next year, you can either accelerate your returns or you could sit on the sidelines and miss out massively.

The choice is yours. 

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