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It's time to level up your business. As your Virtual Chief Financial Officer, I'll help you focus on maximising the potential of your business, and ultimately maximising the benefit to you as the founder. 

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What even is a CFO?

noun: a chief financial officer, a senior executive with responsibility for the financial affairs of a company or other institution.

A virtual CFO, helps a business owner make good business decisions based on their expertise in financial planning, financial reports, and financial strategy. 

A good CFO is your financial wingman, helping you unlock hidden potential, giving you strategic foresight and identifying lucrative opportunities. From basics like managing your cash flow professionally to ditching "gut feelings" when it comes to business decisions and instead relying on financial data and analytics.  

As your CFO, I become a trusted advisor and partner, deeply invested in your success. This leaves you free to lead the team, grow your vision, and focus on what you do best. The value that is unlocked through increased profits and cost savings often far outweighs the investment in your own CFO.  


Who is this for?

Business owners with a goal but no clear plan of action to get there.

Do you want to increase the amount you take from the business?

Do you want to increase profitability?

Do you want to work less within the business?

Are you looking to raise funds as a business?

Are you looking to exit the business in future?

If your business is generating 6 figures in revenue, then taking on a Virtual CFO could be the best decision you make for your business. 

How it works...

No two businesses are alike, but there are some common issues that all businesses face. As Virtual CFO it's my job to work out what elements of your business aren't running as efficiently as they could. 

You're the expert on your business, so we'll always be working together. I have the luxury of seeing the bigger picture and helping direct your time, effort and resources on the highest revenue-generating activities. 

Increase Revenue

  • What products or services are missing from your ecosystem?
  • What additional services do your customers need from you?
  • What marketing generates the most revenue?¬†
  • What other markets could you enter?
  • Who else would benefit from your product or service?

Decrease Costs

  • What are your biggest expenses?
  • What value are you getting from your regular expenditure?
  • Where are you leaking money?
  • What legacy costs do you have?
  • What inefficiencies are there in your business?

Maximise Profits

  • Which product or service is the most profitable?
  • Can you lower the tax liability of the company?
  • How can you scale your profitable lines?
  • How can you extract more money personally from the business?
  • Can you lower direct costs on your products or services?

Raise Finance

  • Do you want to sell the company one day?
  • Are you looking to raise inward investment in your company?
  • Can you apply for any grant funding for your business?
  • Could you build a team capable of a Management Buy-Out?
  • Do you need to create pitch decks for finance?

What does this look like?

We will meet either virtually or in person (where practical) every quarter. These meetings will focus on four key areas:

  1. Revenue Generation
  2. Cost Savings
  3. Business Efficiency
  4. Personal Efficiency

The specifics of each of these will vary from company to company. What remains the same is the selection of metrics that we track, and ensuring a plan of action is in place for the next few weeks and months to move the business in the right direction.

 I share the tips, tricks and hacks I've picked up over the years to improve your business so you benefit the most - not the tax man! (all legally of course) 


Over the 12 months working together we'll go through the following processes and stages to achieve your goals.

  • Ideal Business Structure
  • Current Valuation
  • Target Valuation¬†
  • Staff Requirements
  • 5-Year Business Plan
  • 12-Month Business Plan
  • 12-Month Budget
  • 12-Month Forecasts
  • Quarterly Revenue Targets
  • Quarterly Sales Targets
  • Quarterly Budget
  • Monthly Sales Activity Targets
  • Monthly Activity Reporting

This will be carried out in the initial Annual General Meeting, or throughout the Quarterly General Meetings. These meetings will be formally minuted and maintained.

For any ad-hoc questions or assistance, I'm available throughout the 12 months to help however I can. 


Client Success Story:

Jess Lorimer

As someone who works in sales, I understand how important it is to get the best financial advice personally and professionally. After all, no-one wants to work forever. I'm fortunate to work with Damien because he's brilliant at what he does and has saved me a small fortune in tax savings and money management over the last couple of years. I've worked with him on personal finances (inc. making diverse investments) and as a Virtual CFO for my B2B sales training and consultancy business to support in making profitable decisions, investments, personal efficiency etc and know that I've made the best choice.

Damien is direct with his advice and keeps me focused on the right financial goals and activities and the work that I do with him in both personal and professional financial capacities means that I feel more confident and clear with my financial outlook than ever. And that I'm not reliant on just 'selling more stuff' but actually planning strategically for the future that I want for myself and my business.


My Experience So Far...

My background is in finance and investing, with degrees in Business and Finance, a Master's degree in Commercial Surveying and postgraduate certificates from the University of Oxford, Sa√Įd Business School. So academically I know some things. But that doesn't always translate to useful in the real world.¬†

My real-world experience covers;

  • Ran a Marketing Company turning over ¬£5m per year
  • Led a Management Buy-Out of a company
  • Sold an IT consultancy
  • Run¬†an investment company for over 20 years
  • Scaled a web design agency from ¬£350k to ¬£2m revenue
  • Raised ¬£500k for an energy supply company
  • Advised on the acquisition of a multi-million-pound training company
  • Raised ¬£360k in grant funding for an AI algorithm
  • Advised on the ¬£1.5m+ exit of a property management agency
  • Run a successful financial education consultancy

I've proven I can scale companies from 6 figures to 7 figures and manage the process of an exit from initial idea through to completion. 

That's not to say you won't need more people involved, but having a finance jack-of-all-trades on your advisory board can be the difference between a successful multi-million-pound exit, and a slow decline towards dissolution. 

Bring a Virtual CFO into your Business

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Action Plan 

Formulate a goal, break it down into smaller steps and create a plan to achieve it.


From the Action Plan, create clear KPIs we can track weekly and monthly to stay on track.

Quarterly Meetings

Where we set plans and review progress towards them. 

Increase Efficiency

Stop spending time on low margin tasks and increase your profit without extra work. 

Tax Mitigation 

Minimise the tax you pay so you can invest more for your future. 

Maximise Profit 

Focus on the most profitable products and services you offer. 

The Important Part

The average salary for a full-time CFO is around £200k. A Virtual CFO is generally used when full-time is not required, or affordable. 

That being said, the payback on the Virtual CFO service is often experienced within the first year. For example, we've recently saved a client £126,000 in the first six months by changing their product pricing and mitigating taxation. 

There are no guarantees as each business is unique, and a lot of the success of our partnership is down to you doing the work. That said, I will do everything I can to ensure you achieve your goals! 

Here's why you should sign up now

You already have a successful business. You don't need to work with me. If you're happy to keep slogging away in business indefinitely, then you can easily save yourself this cost and keep going the way you have been. 

However, ask yourself this. If you keep doing what you're doing, would you be happy if you keep getting the results you've been getting?

Why is it every single large company has a CFO, and values them at £200k+?

Over the next year, you can either accelerate your business or you can carry on as you have.

The choice is yours. 

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