Privacy Policy

In compliance with GDPR below is further details on how your data will be used on this website.

Who manages the data? The email list is hosted by Kajabi and/or ActiveCampaign, and only myself and direct reporting staff have access to the email list. We do not share access with anyone outside of the organisation.

What will you do with the data? The data held is used to email you content that will help educate and help with your investing and personal finance journey. I will also use any responses to questions / quizzes to inform content creation. If you become a paying client, then the more detailed information held will be used to help assist in advising and directing your financial growth. 

How will the data be protected? The email lists are stored on Kajabi and/or ActiveCampaign’s servers, which are fully encrypted and password protected. I also store data within Dropbox in a password protected folder. No data is held on any device that does not have bio-metric security measures in place.

Why do you need my data? Cos I got told it was a good idea to build an email list once, and it seemed to make sense? My goal in business is to help elevate the general level of financial education, and to do that I intend to email you with useful (potentially entertaining) information that will help you gain the confidence to start managing your own finances and securing your future. 

How long will you store my data? Your email will be stored until you remove yourself from my email list, or until such time that you have shown no interest in reading any of my emails, and I start sulking, and then delete you from the email list myself. 

What are my rights concerning my data? You have the right to erasure (not the band), which means if at any point you don’t want to receive future correspondence from me, just hit unsubscribe in any email and your details will be wiped from the system.

You also have a right to see exactly what data I hold on you at any time… To request a copy of this simply reply to an email and I will provide you with the necessary information. I warn you now though, it’ll just be your email address… so might be a bit pointless asking.

Who else will get my data? No one, not now, not ever. You agreed to let me email you, nobody else. So why would I let someone else?